Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu gets vocal about how she does not want anyone to pity her over her weight issues

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu is a pride of India. Her historic win as Miss Universe after 20 years was a moment of ecstatic achievement. Recently she returned to India and walked the ramp for Lakme Fashion week. Unfortunately, she was brutally trolled and body-shamed. Later on, she went on to reveal that it was because of a weight related disease she is suffering from. Soon there were mixed reactions to it where she also received a lot of empathetic messages.

She has now spoken up about it and commented on the same by saying, “no one needs to feel sorry for me.”

Speaking to ET Times, she shared, “It’s important to remember how we treat people on a daily basis on the way they look. We don’t need to feel sorry for them, and no one needs to feel sorry for me, because I am strong enough to take those opinions and ignore them. But there are so many people who are sensitive to such things and they can end up feeling bullied. It doesn’t matter if they are Miss Universe or not. You need to respect everyone for who they are. Your name and your soul are attached to each other and you should be happy and eternally grateful to God for giving you an incredible body. So just love yourself. “

Harnaaz kaur sandhu

On being mercilessly body-shamed, she shared how she was suffering from an autoimmune condition called Celiac disease where an individual’s immune system functions against the body. It comes with severe digestive problems in the future and results in both weight gain and weight loss.

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