Shehnaaz Gill opens up on getting trolled after Sidharth Shukla’s death

Shehnaaz Gill is easily one of the most popular public figures on desi social media. However, despite the stardom and fame she enjoys, the actress was trolled for laughing and dancing after the death of Sidharth Shukla who was her rumored boyfriend. Sidharth Shukla died due to a heart attack and Shehnaaz was inconsolable after his death. However, she was seen dancing at an engagement party three months after the actor’s death and faced trolling on social media because of that.

“If I get the chance to laugh, then I will laugh, I will stay happy. If I feel like celebrating Diwali then I will celebrate Diwali. Because happiness is very important in life. I also try to do that by myself. Today is the first time I am talking about this and it’s only because you are asking me to. Otherwise, I never talk about these things no matter who says what, “she said on Shilpa Shetty’s chat show, Shape of You.

Shehnaaz Gil Sidharth Shukla

“Why should I tell anyone about my relationship with Sidharth? What was my connection with him, what was my relationship with him, I don’t need to be answerable to anyone. How important he was to me, how important I was to him. , that I know. So I don’t have to give any explanation to anyone, “she added about her bond with Sidharth Shukla.

Sidharth ne mujhe kabhi nahi bola ki has mat. Sidharth mujhe hamesha haste hue dekhna chahta tha, aur mai hamesha hasungi, aur mai apna kaam jari rakhungi kyunki mujhe bahot aageanje hai life mein (Sidharth never told me to stop laughing. He always wanted to see me laughing, and I will always laugh. And I will continue my work because I want to move far ahead in my life), “she further said on the chat show.

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